An Interview with a Certified Worker’s Compensation Counselor

I recently sat down with Wes Taylor, Worth Insurance Group’s Worker’s Compensation Consultant.  Wes is the only agent in Owensboro, KY that holds the Certified Worker’s Compensation Counselor designation.  Curious as to how this helps our clients, I asked Wes some questions.

Kelly:  Wes, what does the additional education you have in order to obtain the CWCC designation mean for our clients?

Wes:  It means that that I take a comprehensive approach to providing a complete risk management program for our clients.  Many agents can provide worker’s compensation insurance by simply gathering the data and submitting it to carriers for a quote.  It doesn’t necessarily mean they have the experience to outline and identify areas of improvement for an employer.  Obviously, this is important in order to keep premium costs at a minimum. 

Kelly:  What do you mean areas of improvement?

Wes:  I evaluate the employers risk, outline instances where risk could have been avoided, develop and implement safety programs, and provide hiring practices consultation.  One of the advantages of working with someone like me is that the underwriter (the person at the company that decides the premium) feels confident that I’m going to help the employer manage risk.  They’re more likely to offer a lower premium due to my involvement on an ongoing basis.  One of the most important functions of my job is to provide ongoing claims management for my employers.  We want the employee to get back to work as soon as possible and we want to evaluate the reason the claim was filed and see if we can keep the situation from repeating.  Accidents happen, don’t get me wrong, but oftentimes there is a process or procedure we could implement that might prevent that same situation from occurring in the future.  I work with the employer to provide that insight.

Kelly:  I can see where you might provide a big financial impact.  What other areas does working you have a direct impact?

Wes:  One of the other areas I find most of my clients feel confident I provide assistance is on corporate culture.  Let’s face it.  If an employee feels valued, they’re going to be happy and more productive at work.  By providing a comprehensive worker’s compensation program, we can assist the employer in making employees feel integral to the success of the organization.  Should a claim arise, the employee is going to be more likely to assist in the process of returning to work more quickly rather than dragging the claim out causing surprises at renewal.  Ultimately, I am a business partner to our employer clients.  They see me to be as important in their decision-making as their corporate attorney, accountant, and management staff.  I appreciate the opportunity to be a trusted advisor and I take that role very seriously not just when we’re in the process of consulting on the insurance, but throughout the plan year as needs and claims arise by having safety meetings, providing insight, or evaluating changes that might need to be made.

Kelly:  What type of employers do you find benefit most from your experience?

Wes:  I’ve worked with 2 employee auto repair shops to thousands of employee over-the-road trucking operations.  It isn’t the size of the employer that dictates the process, it’s what the employer does that dictates which approach is going to serve me best in helping me save them money.



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